Precision Power Supplies.

Domestic Appliances.

Voltage Conversion.

Water Treatment.

Electric Fencing.

Spot Welding.


Tattoo Coils.

C Cores – cost-effective.

ETD cores for low profile applications.

Encapsulation / Encapsulated for protection.

Common Mode Chokes for prevention of EMI & RFIEnclosures from simple housings to Class II and weatherproof.

RM Cores for efficient winding and high PCB packing densities.

Single Phase & 3-phase (“fase” is also used in some countries).

DC Output Transformers to provide a conversion from mains or AC supplies.

Auto or Auto Step Down Transformers for simplicity when isolation isn’t critical.

Current, Voltage and Potential Instrument Transformers, known as CT / VT / PT respectively.

Flyback or Line Output Transformers for power supplies, multiple outputs, choice of polarity.

Custom Winding as required including varnishing and paper layers for protection and insulation.


Trans-Tronic Limited is committed to designing and manufacturing products and components to defined specifications via an effective quality system.

We maintain the highest ethical standards whilst adhering to all applicable national standards and regulations.

Our goal is to maintain and continually improve performance in all areas especially QUALITY, COST & DELIVERY to provide complete Customer Satisfaction.

Emphasis is placed on planning to ensure a “RIGHT FIRST TIME” philosophy in all areas of our operation. We aim to be the best and will strive to reach and maintain this level.

To achieve our goals Trans-Tronic Ltd rely on the valuable people who form our multi-skilled and flexible workforce. We are fortunate to have a workforce who understand that QUALITY IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY.

Why Choose us?

  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Environment Friendly
  • Competitive Prices
  • Technical Support
  • Pre and After Sales
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Excellent Service
  • Quality British Products

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