Toroid vs Laminated

50% reduction in size and weight would result from using a Trans-Tronic toroidal transformer as opposed to a laminated core transformer.This is achieved without sacrificing performance whilst ensuring that the end user won’t have to compromise on device size.

80% off-load and 30% on-load energy savings result from using a toroidal transformer, a key issue for all modern business, and in line with new international legislation on electromagnetic Interference (E.M.I). Trans-Tronic’s savings result from specialised winding techniques and strict quality standards when sourcing raw materials.

With specialised design techniques used from the outset, Trans-Tronic Transformers can offer maximum efficiency with smaller cores and uses less copper.This means lower power losses resulting from lower operating temperatures than standard laminated core transformers.

Trans-Tronic’s selective procedure with regard to raw materials result in no air gaps in the core. This coupled with highly trained production operators means that vibrations and noise are kept to a minimum whilst Trans-Tronic’s products are in use. Trans-Tronic’s transformers are a popular choice for audio applications. We offer audio grade designs which are manufactured with the highest grade of varnished dipped steel.

A copper screen can be included during manufacture resulting in an 80% reduction in stray field. Thus reducing electron magnetic interference and opportunities for flux to escape. A metal strip of audio grade steel (GOSS Band) can further be wound around the finished transformer keeping the radiated magnetic field to a minimum.


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To achieve our goals Trans-Tronic Ltd rely on the valuable people who form our multi-skilled and flexible workforce. We are fortunate to have a workforce who understand that QUALITY IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY.

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